University participation in innovation networks

Orford Research have carried out an analysis of the extent and nature of universities' participation in the Danish Innovation Networks.


Lost in Migration

A Report on Missing Unaccompanied Minors

Oxford Research Sweden was commissioned by the County Administration Board of Stockholm to conduct a national mapping of unaccompanied minors who go missing.


Halden Reactor

Oxford Research was commissioned by the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority to evaluate the Swedish participation in the Halden Reactor Project.


Venture Capital Funds

Oxford Research is co-author of a report from the European Commission on the potential for EU investment in venture capital and other risk capital fund of funds.


Transports in Horizon 2020

Perceptions of smart, green and integrated transports.


Dimension of intra-EU mobility

Migrants from central and eastern EU Member States access fewer benefits overall than local population


Gender mainstreaming

Mapping of good practice and effects at selected public authorities.


Healthcare in times of crisis

Eurofound presented recently a report on the financial crisis and their impact on EU citizens' access to healthcare. Oxford Research has been responsible for the Swedish study.


Commerical Success Story

The European Commission wished to understand the impact factors of successful commercialization of EU-funded R&D projects.


New ICT-trends

What are the main ICT-trends in the Agder-region in Norway? This was the question asked by the IT-cluster Digin.


Considerable risk of misuse

The responsibility of determining foreigners’ identity is diverse in Norwegian public sector.


NCE-clusters reaching goals

After the first contracting period of three and a half year as a NCE-project, three separate clusters have been evaluated.


Income after retirement

European study on the possibilities for pensioners to stay within the labour market.


Growth from ESS and MAX IV

On behalf of a large number of regional actors in Southern Sweden, Oxford Research has analyzed the ways to achieve growth from the large-scale research facilities European Spallation Source (ESS) and MAX IV in Lund, Sweden.


Road map for IT

On behalf of the European Commission, Oxford Research has evaluated the project "Strategy and Roadmapping for Industrial Technologies to address Grand Challenges".


Evaluation Ecodesign Directive

Evaluation of the Ecodesign Directive on behalf of the European Commission (DG ENTR)


Evaluation of IMR

On behalf of the Norwegian Ministry for Fisheries and Coastal Affairs, Oxford Research has evaluated the Norwegian Institute for Marine Research (IMR).


Value Added Materials

On behalf of the European Commission, Oxford Research has analyzed the “Value Added Materials”.


CLIMIT Programme

Together with Element Energy Ltd and Thema Consulting Group, Oxford Research has evaluated the CLIMIT Programme. The CLIMIT Programme is managed by Gassnova in cooperation with the Research Council of Norway and is a “Programme for Power Generation with Carbon Capture and Storage.”



Small and medium sized companies (SME's) perform a critical role in the European economy

The study looks at the opportunities for EU SMEs outside the EU and the role of business support for such companies when accessing markets like China, Brazil, India, Russia, Ukraine and others


Expat 2010

International knowledge workers’ view on stationing and establishing in Denmark.

Oxford Research and Copenhagen Post have recently finished a comprehensive survey of international knowledge workers’ view on stationing and establishing in Denmark.


Strategic impact, no revolution

The purpose of the evaluation has been to study the strategic value and impact of NMP in its wider European and international context, with special focus on the ERA dimension, against the general policy objectives of FP6 and against the specific objectives of NMP.


Guide for expats in Denmark

A guide for foreign co-workers in Denmark – the so called expatriates (expats).

The guide describes the most important written and unwritten rules e.g. the Danish culture at the work place that among other is recognized by flat organizational structures and good opportunities to have a suitable work-life balance.


Entranse programme in Serbia

The report provides an assessment of the functioning and outcome of the Entranse programme, which was funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and implemented by SINTEF in Serbia in 2004-08.


Nordic internationalisation

Exploiting the potential of Nordic internationalisation of services

A feasibility study examining the possibilities for Nordic service standardisation initiatives. The service sector is of increasing importance to the European and Nordic economies.


Evolution of Skills

Transversal Analysis on the Evolution of Skills Needs in 19 Economic Sectors


Fruitful partnership

Process evaluation of the Norwegian Cooperation Programmes with Romania and Bulgaria


Hotels and restaurants

Comprehensive sectoral analysis of emerging skills and competencies in the hotels & restaurants sector


Health Services

Nordic Collabortion in Health Services

A feasibility study on the potentials and barriers towards an open market for health services in the Nordic countries.


The European Third Sector

A guide to build a highly-qualified and forward thinking social sector


So far so good

Evaluation of the Business Innovation Project in Tuzla, BiH