In Oxford Research, our values determine how we work together and how we do our job. Being individuals with different values, norms and attitudes is, in our opinion, one of our strengths. At the same time, it contributes to making Oxford an inclusive workplace with room for diversity and a place where the individual staff member has an opportunity to develop.

In addition, Oxford Research as a whole has three fundamental values that are shared by all and constitute the core of our personnel policy and company culture.

Responsibility, tolerance and learning are values we believe that Oxford Research as a company and all staff members should be able to vouch for and live up to. They therefore define the way we work and how we behave towards each other and our business partners.


•    we trust each other

•    we take responsibility for the tasks we assume and let others know if a task is too big

•    we give each other the scope and freedom to work independently

•    we work together towards the same goals.


•    we respect each other's differences - professionally, socially and personally

•    we are open to criticism

•    we learn from our mistakes and tolerate the mistakes of others

•    work is carried out in a flexible manner, allowing everyone to operate within a framework that meets their individual needs whether relating to family, age or temperament

•    working hours are flexible.


•    we share knowledge and experience within and across departments

•    we strive for professional, personal and social development

•    we combine ongoing internal and external training and education

•    we prepare personal development plans

•    we delegate responsibility

•    we are committed to and take pleasure in our work.