Where does one find a workplace that combines the professional depth of a scientific research organization, the dynamics of a communication company and the impact of great management consulting? And at the same time cares profoundly about its people as well as serving a higher purpose in society?


Having served at the Copenhagen Business School for 13 years and then headed the private think tank Strategic Forum for two years Kim Møller had seen elements of such a workplace before but never found the workplace that united all his visions and ambitions. In 1995 then, Kim decided to create such a workplace: combining the best he had seen so far in academic research, communication and strategy.


The company was founded the 25th November 1995, as a personally owned company, and was at the time the Nordic representation of Oxford Analytica. The focus soon grew both geographically and thematically. The primary focus area was business development, but regional development, welfare and competence areas were soon included.  


In 1997 the legal status was changed to a Ltd with the name Oxford Research. At the same time the cooperation agreement with Oxford Analytica was terminated.


During the late 1990s the company expanded and specialized in analyses and evaluations within regional development, welfare and competence issues.


Oxford Research AB was founded in Sweden in 2003, and in 2004 Oxford Research AS was founded in Norway. Today, the Oxford Research companies (OR) are parts of Oxford Group A / S. Oxford Group also include Oxford Leadership Academy A/S (OLA) and Great Place to Work Institute in Denmark (GPW). In addition to the Nordic countries, we also have offices in Latvia and Poland.


Oxford Research is today a Scandinavian consultancy company with 60 employees specialized within evaluations and analyses of present development tendencies and who communicate the findings at conferences, courses and seminars.


Oxford Research A/S (Denmark):

Knowledge sharing and learning is the basis of a knowledge and value based company. Therefore Oxford Research moved from central Copenhagen to new premises in Frederiksberg in 2006, premises which physically could support the demands on knowledge sharing and learning.


In 2009 the company got a new managing director and a new deputy director. Helle Ourø Nielsen took over as managing director and Henrik Mahncke as deputy director. Helle has been employed in the company since 2003, and had the position as deputy director for several years. Henrik came from a position as head of department, and had been at Oxford Research since 2005. He worked as deputy director until he left Oxford Research in 2013. Kim Møller became chairman of the board. Helle was managing director from 2009 to 2016. In January 2017 Jakob Stoumann and Nina Middelboe became directors at Oxford Research. Since Nina have got a new job, Rikke Lynge Storgaard will take over Nina´s position.


The board consists of chairman Kim Møller and Flemming Poulfelt.



Oxford Research AS (Norway)

Harald Furre established the Norwegian part of Oxford Research. After 13 years in the research institution Agderforskning he was enthusiastic about establishing a company with focus on usable policy oriented analyses where thematic solidity was combined with strategic thinking and focused communication. Through European network building Harald had got familiar with Oxford Research and during the spring of 2004 it was agreed to set up Oxford Research in Norway. Harald started up alone, but after a few months the first analyst Rune Stiberg-Jamt was hired. Since then, the company has expanded continuously. In 2015, Harald stepped down as CEO and handed over the stearing wheel to Rune.


The Norwegian company is owned by Oxford Group, and company employees.


The board consists of chairman Kim Møller, Jill Heidi Eklund Akselsen og Rune Stiberg-Jamt.


Oxford Research AB (Sweden)

The Swedish part of Oxford Research was to start with handled from the Copenhagen office. During the spring of 2010 Oxford Research AB was merged with Dedicera AB in Stockholm. The companies established already in 2009 a strategic cooperative agreement around a certain project.


The founder of Oxford Research, Kim Møller, had been succesful building up an expanding consultancy company, through values and visions about "the good workplace". The founders of Dedicera shared these values and visions, and therefore the companies could merge.


During the summer of 2010 the Stockholm office of Oxford Research was opened. Since then the company has expanded steadily.


The board consists of chairman Kim Møller, Sture Lindmark and Ylva Grauers